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Short (poetic) films: We were seeds

We were seeds is a series of four short (poetic) films with four different issues which are inter-connected to each other. The very first film has Kanupriya, the president of student council, of Panjab University, Chandigarh, as the central figure. The film shows the women’s struggle for Azaadi (Freedom) during the Pinjra Tod Movement from the different universities in India. It shows how the politicians of country undermined the importance of equal freedom for women by saying that ‘women are not capable of being left free or independent’ or ‘if women want freedom why don’t they roam naked’. The film shows how their movement for Azaadi was tried to be crushed by force. But women like Kanupriya who were involved in this movement fought back fiercely against these patriarchal notions and won equal space for them. Although this film has been shown through Kanupriya’s perspective but it is an accolade for all the women who are fighting for the equal rights.

The second film of the series features Aman who is a student of Panjab Univesity. She is an activist and was involved in the Pinjra Tod movement. She was a part of the fee hike struggle in PU and was also arrested to fight for the student’s rights. This film talks about the various issues of violence occurred in the country like Mob-Lynching and the suffering of the common poor people during the demonetization. It also tries to touch the issues of educational infrastructure where children from the marginalized sections are excluded from the main-stream and are forced into child labor. The film also talks about the corporate loot and the exploitation of the marginalized section. 

The third film of We Were Seeds touches the issue of LGBT rights. In a socio-political structure, where any other sexual orientation other than the sexuality, normalized by the society or state is considered as a crime or a taboo this film raises a question why it is like that. Mx. Dhananjay who is an LGBT activist has been featured in this film as the central figure. This film deals with the question why do not they (LGBT Community) have the equal rights to live their life happily. Why do not they have an equal share of the space whether it is political or social?

The fourth film of this series touches the issue of Caste discrimination and Dalit atrocities. In the name of religion or social hierarchy our society has been practicing Caste-ism since long. It is because of this practice of Caste-ism a huge part of the society has been marginalized. These marginalized communities are being still discriminated and de-humanized only because they belong to a certain community. In such a sick-environment where most of the resources are limited to few communities a Dalit has to undergo a lot of struggle. They are abused, ill-treated and always put on trial to prove their ability and worth to fit in the socio-political system. This film talks about Dr. Ambedkar’s vision of society where there is no caste discrimination, where women of the society are given equal rights.

These short (poetic) films are released under the banner of Rangroot Theater. Rangroot Theater is a group of performing art that is involved in theater, films and literary activities since 2015. Till now we have produced several plays and short films. Our prime focus is on social and political problems faced by the present generation. Our art work usually picks up the subject matter that is related to our society. Through different techniques and methods we try our best to entertain our audience with the themes that they can relate to. We believe that it is possible only in a democratic atmosphere to create and give freshness to the any art work and we work on it. Each and every member of the group feels free to share his or her opinion. We believe in collaboration, innovation and creativity.

Films are directed by Vinod Bharti. Vinod Bharti is a student of Panjab University and a freelance theatre and Film Director. He has been a student of the Department of Indian Theater. He has directed three plays under the banner of Rangroot Theater. As a writer he has written many songs for different plays.

casts and credits

Produced by—Abhimanyu Imroz / Vivek Gakhad

Music by—Shankar/ Raman/Umesh

Written and Directed by – Vinod Bharti

Banner –Rangroot Theater



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